"Follow the Child"   Dr. Marie​ Montessori 
The KinderRead Approach            
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Enter the Magical World of Children and KinderRead Where Learning to Read Is Fun!
  We provide the right materials for those "teachable moments".

  "Ordinary Families.                     Extraordinary Kids."

These Early Readers contain three sturdy board books which introduce a simple controlled vocabulary; few words are introduced in Book 1, then reinforced and new words are added in Books 2 and 3. Finally, a "play book" with games and activities in Book 4 reinforce the illustrated words. This gives children confidence and a head start when they are most sensitive to learning, and reading takes place most easily.

 Dr. Marie Montessori, a famous educator,
 believed that children can take their first
 steps in connecting meaning to the written 
word before formal schooling begins. With
her techniques, she was able to bring even
special need students up to grade level. 

    Learn to Read with Ease

KinderRead has "seized the day". The books
 are "vibrant and alive". The "basic sight 
vocabulary is a controlled one introduced in 
context and with repetition" which "assures 
more retention."  
                      Mary Reed, Ph.D
                      Reading Clinician

"The Series allows immediate parental
 involvement in the early educational training
 of the child."    
                     Mary Fani, Principal
        Learn to Read Set, relaxing, non threatening, almost self-taught
In a recentTime article (9/5/2016), nine "ordinary families" with "extraordinary kids" were examined by author, Charlotte Alter. She describes a typical parent who said, "She did arts and crafts projects with her toddler daughters, took them to the library every week and taught them to read, count and swim before they even set foot in a classroom." The parents provided stimulating environments and confirmed the conclusion of developmental experts that "the first few years of a child's life are among the most important for learning and brain development."
              Red, Green, Yellow, Book 1