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The KinderRead Approach            
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"My son is in a Montessori school, and I took the books to school to show Chelsey's teacher. She was very impressed. My niece is also in school, and they both would like to order your books. My son is 2 1/2 and has already learned the first book."
                                                   Stacy J.

"My children are thrilled with your books and can read them from start to finish! I am so impressed with the Series."
                                                Nicole M.
"Oh, to be a preschooler again! After having read and enjoyed the KinderRead Series by Mary Shapiro, I was delighted and wanted to share this experiene. 
Ms. Shapiro  has 'seized the day' with regard to children of kindergarten age and younger who are happy, spontaneous and eager to learn to read. Red, Green, Yellow, Book 1, is vibrant and alive with bright, living colors. She relates the words, 'stop' and 'go' to colors with which most children are familiar: 'red' with 'stop' and 'green' with 'go', as an example. The basic sight vocabulary is a controlled one introduced in context and with repetition assures more retention. Book 2, Play, deals with numbers in a concrete manner. Book 3, Stop, Start, combines color words and number words and more in a bright, visual context. The wipe-off pages of the books add to the enjoyment of a young child. The vocabulary learned is reinforced in My Play Book through a variety of ways: a game, coloring pictures and fun with stickers.  
As a former reading clinician, I would heartily recommend the Learn to Read Series by Mary Shapiro."              
                                   Mary Reed, Ph.D
                                   Reading Clinician
Put our expertise to work for you. At KinderRead, we are proud of the enthusiasm with which our product has been received.The comments below are representative of the quality of our product.
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Endorsement by Dr. Mary Reed, Reading Clinician
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"KinderRead's Series designed for the child about to take the first step onto the page of the printed word is an excellent introduction to the world of reading. At the same time, the Series allows immediate parental involvement in the early educational training of the child."

Mary O. Fani, former principal